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204C dog and boat

205C goldcrest

206C highland calf and cow

97C puffin and cliffs

105C caledonian canal

203C canal lock

89C sailing

93C bridge sail

84C bottlenose dolphin

83C kiss

82C stag and doe

90C otter

71C Shetland pony

67C red setter

208C kitten and tortoise

51C labrador swimming

54C white poodle

58C french bulldog

459C jack russell

180C Lhasa Apso

149C pug 

29C hairy dog

123C puggle

270C westie & the sea

454C scottie

117C golden retriever

443C pooch & hat

449C Yorkshire Terrier

448C boxer

421C springer spaniel

411C working cocker spaniel 

251C dachshund

406C miniature schnauzer

411C working cocker spaniel

249C westie with bowtie

398C scottie, gift & snow

33C festive pug

453C westie sitting

26C black labrador

124C poodle

170C bulldog

240C Yorkshire Terrier

392C miniature schnauzers

109C rainbow bicycle & dog

46C countryside cycle

48C heron

60C chickens

44C stag in water

34C winter bird

138C pilot

9C canary

27C robin and child

426C chicken, field & tree

37C champion redpoll

131C wee chicken

402C swan & cygnets

39C Chatsworth

16C puffins

444C puffins

178C penguins

169C budgie

160C owl

272C robin

162C goldfinch