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Third blog

- 31/10/17

Halloween, in Scotland we would go “guising” - as in disguising oneself. Knocking on our neighbours doors, dressed as a huge bulb of garlic, we would recite a poem (short) or tell a joke to get coins or sweets. My sister and I did this till well into our teens, this was a competitive free coins and sweet fest bonanza! 

I got myself dressed up tonight, I can be relied on that. 

Today is also the last day of the year in the old Celtic calender. 

Second blog

- 31/10/17

I put this new website out live yesterday.
Marking the moment.
It has taken a month and it feels like every minute has been taken up.
I hope it is useful and enjoyed. - Angus

Four lines from the poem Little Gidding by TS Eliot:

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

First blog post!

- 11/10/17

At Periodic Society HQ, Angus (the illustrator/computer guy) has spent the past three weeks building a brand new website. What you see here are his efforts.
With this brand new website you can now purchase items with a click of like 10 buttons. Brilliant!

Angus tells me he is excited about his brand new line-up of Christmas greeting cards this year. His range includes, Christmas birds, cats, dogs, sheep, stag - perfect for any human! (Or even your dog..)

Currently he is working on a stunning landscape in Cumbria. He tells me it will soon be up on this website.

Last weekend, Angus and I, were cycling in the countryside and using the Waze app to navigate ourselves. After around fifteen minutes of cycling in completely empty country roads, we noticed that according to the app, we were in a traffic jam. We kept cycling for another ten minutes with the traffic jam seemingly following us. Then we realised that our slow speed was sending data to the app which was assuming we were a car. We were the traffic jam!

Periodic Society is already excited at the prospects and opportunity that the upcoming year will hold. Our current mission is to start up our social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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